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Why SEO is Important?

Why SEO is Important?

A good way to answer this is to think about all the big players: the websites that are at the top of their categories.

Why do all of them use SEO? The simple answer is: Because they know its value and use their knowledge of it to get ahead.

Everyone connected uses search engines to find information online. If you want to be found today you need to be not just present in the search engine results pages (aka SERPs) but you also have to be seen and that means ranking at the top. Ranking at the top is a serious business – if you’re an eCommerce like Amazon, ranking for “LED TV” means millions of visitors, sales, and revenue.

Search as a channel is called Organic Search since you’re not paying to show up there. It means that the user is looking for a solution.

With Organic Search, you’re getting:

Quality Traffic – because of the user intent behind the search
Volume of Traffic – based on the market demand
Free Traffic – free advertising since you don’t pay to show up

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