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How to do Keyword Research?

How to do Keyword Research?

When you first start out, you might want to hire an SEO Agency to develop a list of keywords for your SEO activities. It’s going to take some time for you to understand what makes a good keyword selection, and during that time, you don’t want to put up content that has no keywords. As you use those, you can start to look at some of the tools and techniques to develop your own keyword lists that you can give to your staff writers to include in their online content.

The Google Keyword Tool

This tool is available online at: https://ads.google.com/. It is created to help online marketers using the Google Ads program to create effective marketing campaigns. By entering a keyword or phrase, the Google Keyword tool will give actual metrics that have been measured by Google on various characteristics of that and other similar keywords. For finding rich keywords that can help you gain maximum exposure, it is a first stop for any budding Internet marketer.

After entering the keyword or phrase you are researching, the tool pulls up the advertiser competition and search volume as the default listing. You can modify this listing by pulling down the list box at the top that says, ”Choose columns to display.” From that list, you can expand the elements that are shown for each keyword and derivatives of that keyword to include CPC (cost-per-click), ad position, volume trends, and the time when the highest volume occurred. All of this is important information for figuring out if the market for that keyword has been saturated and the competition is too stiff to really help you with search engine placement. Take a look at this tool and see if you can find high CPC keywords with a high search volume and low advertiser competition. These are the keywords that will get you noticed quickly.

It’s Not Guaranteed

There is no guarantee that the keywords you pick today will remain popular tomorrow. That’s why the best websites for SEO are constantly evolving and updating their content. Fresh content is the best way to ensure that the search engine spider is constantly checking back and getting you noticed. Stale, old content is not only a turn-off to your readers, but tends to drop your site in search engine results pages due to a loss of relevancy. Even using keywords for just a short period isn’t going to do the trick. You have to be consistent and build upon the strength of your website’s SEO over time to be truly successful in implementing these techniques.

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