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SEO Teams Structure

SEO Teams Structure

Companies that understand the importance of SEO and try to incorporate it into their daily practices usually treat SEO in two ways:

1. In-House
2. Outsourcing

It’s important to make a point here that all of this depends on the company team structure.

Let me give you some common examples through the companies that I’ve worked with and studied.


Here, SEO is the responsibility of a team. For example, the Marketing Team will have an SEO professional that participates in the projects, going through the project briefing.

Covering aspects of the strategy, implementation, and validation based on the best practices according to webmaster guidelines (“Webmaster Guidelines”).

Some companies will have multiple SEO professionals because of the size of their teams and projects, and some will even go deeper and subdivide the SEO team into micro-strategy/operations teams.

Here are a few examples of SEO in-house jobs:

SEO Analyst/Specialist/Manager
SEO Product Manager /SEO Marketing Manager
SEO Content Specialist
SEO Performance Analyst
SEO Campaign Manager

These are all SEOs jobs you can find online today if you look on Glassdoor, Linkedin, etc.

Companies hire those professionals based on their product and/or company stage – they will likely start hiring when they have the money to afford bigger teams (e.i: 80+ employees).


This approach is more common, particularly where the company doesn’t want or have the capacity to deal with the SEO process. They choose partners like agencies to take on this task for them as service providers.

SEO agencies (SEO 公司) have been a big business for a long time and they still hold a few competitive advantages (e.g: more analytical data) because they work with multiple clients and verticals.

Clients that choose to go this route will usually have a team of agency employees allocated to their account, managing their day-to-day tasks and reports.

SEO agency team can look like the following:

Account manager – takes care of client communication and administration
Specialist – the person in charge of strategy and execution
Analyst – the person in charge of the research and reports
Journalist – the person in charge of writing and editing content

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