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More Pages = Better Rankings?

More Pages = Better Rankings?

It was commonly said SEO was all about deceiving search engines for getting better rankings, then most of the SEO agents advised their clients to produce more content in a more frequent manner. Is it that all?

Probably NOT!

To understand this, we need to know what the search engines like Goolge are doing and why they are doing it.

Search engines are trying to provide their users with most relevant information over the internet at click of a button. Most relevant means accuracy. in the old days, when there are not much of content, search engines are encouraging contenct providers, like website to provide more content more often. Therefore, what we mentioned above is TRUE at that time!

However, to keep improve their service to their users, they will constantly compete with each other, which means they have to constantly upgrade their algrithm to improve the accuracy. Like Google has been updating its algorithms continuously to refine the results. This is why several SEO practices which were applicable aren’t applicable anymore.

There are lots of websites out there which rank amazingly well for their target keyword by adding few pages of quality content. Be aware the keyword here: QUALITY! if you want to cut corners and just want to provide the quantity without actually given quality content, search engines like Google will actually penalize your website!!! Be very careful! and this is what most of the SEO agents won’t tell you, becuase this requires time and lots of work, dedicated professional hours of work.

So, here are the things:

First, Google won’t index every piece of content you publish on your website.

Second, if there is multiple contents of same nature, Google will omit some content pages due to their quality and relevance.

Third, after several SEO updates getting ranking is a time-consuming process which should be invested in the right direction to drive quality traffic and leads.

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